Launching of Career Centre in Cihan University

On the 23th of October,2014,the Chairman of the Board of Trustees,
Dr.Nawzad Bajkard with the head of the university Dr.Amjad Sabir have
launched the career centre in Cihan University,a project that belongs to
the American Agency for International Development (USAID) .
Baxter,the executive manager of the project, participated in the event
with the attendance of members of the teaching staff and members of the
organization with noticeable presence of Press and Media.

The career
aims at participating in developmental progress in Kurdistan Region and
Iraq through coordinating and connecting Labouring Human Resources with
available career opportunities to cope with the needs of the local
market.Another important object of the project is providing practical
and scientific practice to enhance/empower the skill of searching for
jobs through CVs and interviews.
for the activities,they could be summarized by providing online
opportunities of employment services and direct registration for
students and graduates of Cihan University and other universities in the
The program also allows the
students to access more than 700 academic courses in different
scientific and human specialization (Alison) on the electronic site and the centre site (

Distribution of certificates
Election of the administrative board of the Cihan University Club – Erbil
Cihan University – Erbil will subscribe in many scientific international journals.
dr.fuad maulud congratulates students
dr.nawzad yahya congratulates students

Cihan university/ Erbil

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