Cihan University First International Scientific Conference from 20th to 21st April 2014
    Under the auspices of His Excellency Mr. Nechervan Barzani the Prime Minister of Kurdistan Regional Government, and in the presence of the x-minister of higher education of Kurdistan Dr. Ali Saeed, Under the Slogan “Distinguished Research….. Advanced Technology”, Cihan University held its First International Scientific Conference from 20th to 21st April 2014 in Saad Abdullah Palace for Conferences and Meetings. Many distinguished figures from the government and the universities also attended the conference opening. There were 12 sessions distributed as evening and morning sessions along two days where the researches were fully discussed.  

Conference Preparation Committee:

1. Prof. Dr. Amjad S. Aldalwi [Chairman]
2. Prof. Dr. AbdulKareem A. Nassar [Member]
3. Prof Dr. Sabih H. Alzuhairy [Member and Reporter]
4. Prof Dr. Ameena S. Mahmoud [Member]
5. Prof Dr. Ibrahim M. Ali [Member]
6. Assist. Prof. Dr. Ismat A. Baker [Member]
7. Lect. Dr. Imad R. Madhat [Member]
8. Lect. Dr. Nasrat A. Maddah [Member]
9. Lect. Mohammed N. Murad [Member]

 Axes of the Conference:
The following topics were the axes of the conference:
1.Sustainable architecture technology: the present and the future horizons.
2.The new trends in the mobile phones and the optical communications system.
3.The computer and the information technology.
4.Contemporary trends in linguistics and literature.
5.The role of biology in enhancing life quality.
6.The role of information technology and communications in the excellence and creation in the fields of business administration, finance, and banking.
7.The quality administration and the contemporary administrative.
8.The financial and banking policies and their reflections on attracting the investments. 
9.Accounting and auditing and the investment environment.
10.Law and technology.
11.Human rights violations.
12.International relations and diplomacy: the present and the future horizons.


Many researchers from different countries like the USA, Canada, Australia, Belgium, England, Malaysia, Pakistan, India, Egypt, Algeria, Jordan, Emirates, in addition to Iraqi Universities.  

The number of the received researches was 541. 330were accepted and 181 were rejected and 30 were dropped because they were outside the topics of the conference. 

The conference gained excellent international reputation for the high organization and distinguished hospitality.

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