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We believe that everyone has the ability to learn, develop new skills and attributes, and so become more successful in their current role and take on other challenges in the future. We therefore support and encourage all staff to keep learning throughout their time at the University, and provide a wide range of opportunities for development.
You should have regular discussions with your line manager and colleagues about development, and many activities you choose to undertake will be organised through your department. If you require some of the cross-University services offering programmes, courses and advice, these pages should help you to find the right information and opportunities according to your role and learning needs.

Staff Development and Performance Review
The Staff Development and Performance Review (SDPR) is an opportunity for staff to receive feedback on their performance, to discuss and set objectives for the coming year, and to explore and support their learning needs and career aspirations.
All core (not casual) staff who have completed probation are required to undertake a SDPR annually, and Heads of Department are responsible for making sure this happens through their usual management structure.
Staff normally have their first SDPR around 6 months after completing probation, allowing them to reflect on objectives and development goals set in the end of probation review, but this interval may vary to fit the business cycle of the department.

Supporting teams and departments
The Staff Development Unit is keen to encourage and promote Department-based staff development such as away days, specific training events, or in-house activities. In our experience, the most valuable development activities are often those based within a Department, where the need has been identified by its staff and where there is a shared sense of purpose. Tasks and exercises can also be tailored to the specific challenges participants face.
The unit can offer support in the form of:
Advice in developing plans, finding appropriate outside speakers
Facilitating events
Consultancy  training needs analysis through to planning and delivery
Resources – a loan service for DVDs and videos
Reports departments` take-up of central Staff Development events
Team development including diagnostics
Please contact the Staff Development Unit if you would like to take advantage of support the help plan staff development activities in your Department.

For more information please contact Dr.Mahsa Moshfeghyan
Direct of the Learning Development Unit

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