The Directorate of Admissions is considered as the main interface and the first step of the students enrollment at the university. The University provides special attention to this section due to its significant role in attracting students to the university.At the beginning of every academic year,the admission section gets ready to receive new applicants and their parents and complete all the required procedures for admission.It also works on completing all the data related to the registrants during the period of study .The directorate seeks acceptance letters that are free of errors and this is done through the admission staff members.

Excellence in the performance of all admission services by simplifying the procedures and providing all services to students by following the modern methods of accepting students guiding them to complete their studies according to their abilities. This is achieved by providing all the details about the departments and how to study at the university in a way that facilitates the student's choice for the appropriate and satisfying specialization. In addition, the values ​​adopted by the Directorate of Admissions are: endeavor for excellence and continuous development, Justice and integrity by treating all students according to unified standards without prejudice, discrimination. Moreover, the directorate act as teamwork by spreading the collective spirit of achievement and encouraging cooperation among the members of the Directorate to achieve its tasks and objectives.

Admissions Directorate of the University achieves the tasks required including : directing , facilitating colleges' procedures , highlight the academic mission of the university by strengthening the relationship between the students and the university through many services to join the university. The Directorate has set up its plan for this year from the present status of the college and its needs in the next stage. All this is to be done within the available resources and innovative ideas. In addition, it is responsible for providing a distinguished service to students, who are the most important category that the department deals with and always seeks to raise performance. Additional objectives of the directorate are developing the capabilities of the staff, especially those suggested by the university or department through the participation of the department's staff in the training courses. We also seek to develop the services and admissions processes with the best recruitment of the available techniques and resources.

  • Organizing students acceptance at the university according to the related rules and regulations.
  • Providing special file for each student to keep all identification letters and results and following up his/her registration at their departments, in addition to supervising the final form of their personal files.
  • Organizing the reports and periodical statistics regarding admission affairs and the information related to accepted students for both morning and evening studies.
  • Creating an electronic file for each student and following up the acceptance procedures electronically in addition to auditing the students files and storing them according to the disciplined regulations of receiving.auditing, and storing files.
  • Issuing orders of accepting students.
  • Following up students postponing -exemption from fees related to Martyrs Institution and Ministry and scholarships granted by the university.
  • Using electronic programs to create electronic archives for emails and using them for communication.
Address: Erbil – 100 m road – Cihan University Erbil – Building No. 7 – Ground floor – Admission office.
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