College of Science

Since 2007

College of Science

The College concerns qualifying the human resources in the fields of IT and biology. The college in collaboration with international universities plans to improve its programs. The college includes the best lecturers in the specialties concerned and the best laboratories. The college aims at providing its students with the necessary knowledge and skills in the fields of study and focusing on the practical side. Doing so, the college will meet the needs of the labor market. The teaching methods used are of high technical quality to achieve the vision and the mission of the college.

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Computer Science Department

Computer Science Department is one of the important departments at Cihan University. It was established in 2007 since the founding of the university.
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Department of Biomedical Sciences

The Department of Biomedical Sciences has a four-year program that awards a B.Sc. in Biomedical Sciences
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Department of Medical Microbiology

The Medical Microbiology Department was established in 2009 and the academic year 2009-2010 was the first academic year of the department. The Department is a four-year study that awards a Bachelor of Science in Medical Microbiology.
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