Historical Background

The Computer Center was established at of Cihan University-Erbil in 2007. Since its establishment, the Center has endeavored to provide all services to the University Presidency and the University's various departments through the maintenance of computers and related devices, as well as providing internet services to students and to teaching and administrative staff through the Internet Unit which distributes Internet to points in all teaching rooms, laboratories and meeting rooms at the university. In addition, the center prints staff and students' identities, manages the electronic fingerprint system for attendance and departure, now it directs ten computer labs distributed across the University's departments, with more than 300 modern-type computers that provide students with all the required software to study.


The Center also works to provide university services, computerization and development in the fields of information and communication technology and keep abreast of its developments, which strengthens the university's status at the local, regional and global level in terms of information technology and high technical training for the staff of public and private sector institutions.

The Center also aims to widely expand computer education  in the university by providing the best technological and electronic services in a distinctive to achieve the university's goals to improve all aspects of education and research to serve the local community through developing programs and systems and possible electronic services as well as  providing excellent consultancy and training services parallel with the requirements of Labor market.


The Center's mission reflects the basic objective for which it was established, namely; building an information society capable of using modern computer technologies and applications in the fields of education, scientific research and community service. Therefore, computer and information technology center seeks to provide continuous training programs and information services that meet the needs of the community and help in the development and rapid transfer to developed societies. In addition, it provides technical consultation to all the bodies and institutions of the community to take advantage of the rapid development in information technology.


The computer  center supports the educational process in terms of technical and educational support for all the university facilities and in comparison to the teaching programs that are held by the Center for developing of administrative, technical and teaching staff, through the availability of scientific laboratories. In addition, the Internet unit through which professors and students can have a look at  the scientific development in the world. The computer center  has a major role in the process of training students in practical and technical terms, where the general technical culture is dedicated to achieving the students' scientific excellence so that they are able to apply and be effective in serving the region.

Tasks assigned to the Center

The tasks, achievements and activities of the Computer Center are as follows:
  • Supervising and maintaining the internet in the university as it is the infrastructure for all electronic applications in the university and the beginning of the establishment of advanced programs and projects such as e-management applications and e-learning applications. Moreover, Management and maintenance of internet towers is also another task to link university buildings with each other, as well as the creation and linking new Internet lines in line with the network with the ongoing expansion of the University.
  • Maintenance of computers and software.
  • Maintenance of office equipment (printers, scanning devices, projectors) in all departments of the university ensuring a proper function and following -up preventive maintenance work periodically.
  • Supervision of the development of the university website.
  • Conducting development courses on various programs needed by the university, public and private sectors. As well as supervising the design of modern systems and applications and following up their work to adapt them for serving the University's objectives and work requirements.
  • Supervision of the website of the electronic library which is one of the most important services of the electronic library to provide computers for electronic reading. Providing e-books and graduation thesis and dissertations of post- graduate studies as well as to video lectures.
  • Printing identification (IDs) for students, teaching and administrative staff.
  • Managing the electronic fingerprint system for attendance and departure.
  • Maintenance and supervision of the security surveillance cameras installed around the university which enable the security authorities at the university to monitor more efficiently to provide protection for university employees and students.

Contact Us

The computer center is located at the University of Cihan-Erbil in Building No. (2) First floor, room No. (215)
Name E-Mail Phone No.
Ahmed Mazhar Ahmed 07518078661
Sarah Jamal Hussein 07504087030
Iman Sabah Mustafa 07505339698
Zainab Tahseen Ali 07507762202
Hawzheen Omar Khader 07503751595
Abgar Anwaya Boulos 07507171339
Saro Mohammed Hussein 07504188431