Development and Consultation Center


Cihan Center for Development and Consultation is an administrative unit that provides facilities for the starting steps for a successful process by expanding the scientific environment of the community members through practical training and consultation in all fields.


The Center's vision is to develop and motivate individuals' own resources to achieve their educational goals and to create ideal and  unique perceptions to present them to suit their abilities.


The objectives of the center are:

1-Continuious training, development and capacity development for community members in various fields.
2-Contributing in the development of administrative, engineering and scientific work in the region.
3-Supporting the application of modern technology in business.
4-Providing successful solutions to potential problems faced by organizations.
5-Contributing in providing future plans to support the economic situation.
6-Expanding  the investment base and financial affairs in the region.
7-Contributing in the providing consultations in various fields.

The Center offers the following training programs, which vary depending on the requirements of participants who can benefit from these programs, as follows:

A-Training programs in management and accounting:
1-Management of hospitals and health institutions
2- Government accounting between theory and practice
3-Modern trends in handling and loading costs in the petroleum sector
4-the art of time management
5-Recent trends in auditing and financial control 
6-Advanced Administrative Leadership
7-Secretarial and Office Management: Systems for securing, saving and retrieving files and documents
8-The art of reading the financial statements of the administrative leaders
9-Statistical Package for Social Sciences (SPSS)
10- Effective negotiation skills and strategies
11-Art of Attic

B-Training programs in law:
1-Commercial Arbitration and its Impact on Investment Promotion
2-The role of law in the activities of public administration
3-Informatics in the service of justice
4-Criminal investigation
5-Modernity in law

C-Training programs in the computer and its applications:
1-International Computer Driving Certificate (ICDL)
2- Manage projects using MS Projects
3-PHP and MySQL Programming
4-Course Programming in 2010 C#
5-Microsoft: Server Administrator on Windows Server 2008 R2MCITP: Microsoft Certified IT Professional
6-  Cisco CCNA Course: Cisco Certified Network Associate

D-Training programs in architecture:
1-Architectural design and production skills
2- AutoCAD Architectural AutoCAD Architecture
3-3D drawing by 3D Max                                                                  

E-Training programs in communications engineering:
1-Modern Radar Simulators
2-Modern Mobile Communication.

F-Training programs for the Language Center:
1-General English course
2-ESP English for Specific Purpose
3-IELTS Oriented course
4-TOFEL Exam Oriented course
5-A Training course in Legal translation
6-A Training course in Interpretation

Contact Us

For more information you may contact us at the following address: 100 street, Nawruz, Erbil, Cihan University-Erbil

Phone No: +964 (750) 7381000