Directorate of Finance

This Directorate supports and assists other sections in achieving their tasks by monitoring funds necessary to provide work requirements and checking their expenditure in accordance with laws, regulations and instructions issued thereunder. Moreover, it records and analyzes financial operations to reach finally the results.

The duties of this Directorate are as follows:
  • Auditing methods in the financial affairs of the University
  • Auditing procedures
  • Inventory of assets

Financial Auditing Procedures

  • It examines all aspects of the activity of the establishment (financial, administrative and technical), studies the periodic reports of the activities of the sub-departments, compares them with the plans drawn up, verifies the levels of implementation of the specified objectives and request clarifications necessary for deviations and give opinion thereon.
  • Check the expenditure, arrest and recording documents according to the program prepared for the department and reject any payment for any amount that does not meet the conditions of expenditure specified by the laws, regulations and instructions in effect taking into account the procedures adopted by the unified accounting system and the decentralized accounting system.
  • Test the registration and migration processes in the main accounting records and assist and verify the accounting, financial and statistical data extracted from them.
  • Contributing and supervising all inventories of fixed assets, treasury and cash during the year and at the end of the year.
  • Following-up procedures for liquidating balances suspended in records.
  • Following up the work of the committees formed in the establishment and verify the performance of its duties properly and without delay.
  • Checking the final statements of the establishment and follow up the completion of the preparation requirements.

Auditing Procedures

  • General procedures
  • Salary auditing

Inventory of Assets

For the purpose of preserving the university property and its assets and to ensure its existence and ensure its safety and validity and the destruction of those who are not valid, it is necessary to carry out the annual inventory at the university through a number of specialized committees, which are formed for this purpose as follows:
  • Annual Inventory Committee at the University.
  • Sudden Inventory Committee at the University
  • Committee for the destruction
  • Central Inventory Committee

Mechanisms for payment of tuition fees

The payments can be made in one of the following ways for the purpose of facilitating the payment of wages in accordance with the economic situation of the country:

  • Two payments at the beginning of each course.
  • Payment in three portions, the first at the beginning of the first course, the second at the beginning of the second course, and the third before the final examinations of the second course.
  • Four payments, two courses per semester depending on the student's status.
  • Payment through Cihan Bank, where the installment is regulated in eight, paid from 1/10 to 1/6 without bank profits.

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