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The Department of Public Administration offers a comprehensive study of the relevant aspects of public administration systems. The department course includes the essential requirements that enable students to enter public administration scope and management of public and mixed institutions, so that they can create and provide contemporary solutions to improve, develop and manage the public sector locally, regionally and internationally. As it can be observed that the advancement of the nations, the level of progress of society and the quality of life rely on the excellence of public administration of the country. The Department of public administration accepts graduates from high school in both (science and arts) sections that meets the course entry requirements.


The preparation of graduates in the field of public administration able to take the legal responsibility of public sector institutions, and to be able in manage the administrative and public units in accordance with main functions of management in terms of planning, organization, leadership, communication, coordination, negotiation and control and it’s productive and financial activities and to make a successful organizational decisions based on scientific managerial neutrality.


To prepare a highly qualified managers and administrators through the continuous development of a highly remarkable performance, and to shape the efficiency of public sector institutions in achieving their objectives and competence in managing the existing resources.


  1. Building and developing the public institutions of KRG and preparing a future professional leaders to cope with the challenges facing their institution and to enable them to create opportunities for development, progress and strengths. In addition to face weaknesses in their institutions and identify competence, proficiency, time managing, manage what’s existing and prepare for the future.
  2. To develop and enrich knowledge in public sector institutions and contribute to the scientific progress in the arena of public administration by conducting scientific research and courses that comply with the administrative development.
  3. To meet the needs of the public sector of specialized human professionals and to produce a capital as a human resource, to comply with the administrative development.
  4. To throw off economic and administrative backwardness and to highlight that the construction of state institutions is a way in building a healthy society, which in turn builds and develops public sector institutions.

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