Environmental Pollution Monitoring Group (EPMG)

Cihan University-Erbil, Kurdistan Region - Iraq


The main elements of environment (air, water, and soil) are continuously exposed to pollution due to human activities such as municipal and industrial water and solid wastes, gaseous and particulate emissions, noise and radioactive contamination, etc., which in turn form real threats on the life in our world. The Environmental Pollution Monitoring Group (EPMG) covers research and educational subjects relevant to the environment monitoring and protection against such pollutants, as well as description of their dispersion, identification and quantification of the sources of the pollutants.


The Environmental Pollution Monitoring Group vision is to:

  1. Keep Kurdistan’s environment healthy and sustainable, all peoples aware this fact and acts to protect and restore it.
  2. Making EPMG efficient and effective, all members empowered to use their knowledge and expertise as leaders in monitoring and protecting Kurdistan’s environment.
  3. Retaining Kurdistan’s environment including its natural resources which should be managed to meet the needs of current population and future generations.


Our Mission is to:

  1. Performing the research and studies in air, water, and soil pollutions due to various pollutants, which their outputs contribute in the achievement of sustainable development of Kurdistan’s environment.
  2. Providing consultancy, laboratory and in situ services with international quality.
  3. Participating the local and international research expertise in EPMG activities from the related various disciplines.

Working team

  1. Dr. Isam K. Abdullah
  2. Dr. Ali Hassan
  3. Dr. Najdat Shakir
  4. Dr. Ibrahim Ahmed / legal consultant
  5. Dr. Mahmood Izzat
  6. Dr. Yahya Ahmed Shaika
  7. Dr. Kasim Saeed Hadi
  8. Dr. Ysin Ahmed Rachid
  9. Dr. Ramzi Albrawari
  10. Mr. Adil Hussain Mohammed