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The Department of Nutrition at Cihan University was established in 2017 as the only department that exists in all Iraqi universities that awards a Bachelor degree in Nutrition. The program offers students with a strong knowledge base on the areas of human nutrition, food science, and human health throughout the four-year program. The students will be educated to a high level on the importance of the link between food, nutrition and human health, as the science of food pertains to human nutrition and health.
The curriculum is designed to prepare graduates with the knowledge and skills necessary for progressing toward foundational for a variety of professional careers in the areas of nutrition, dietetics, and food services. The course has been designed following different universities in developed and developing countries, ensuring you are taught to a national and internationally recognized standard.


The mission of the Department of Nutrition at Cihan University is to improve human health through better nutrition and lifestyle. The department strives to accomplish this goal through research aimed at increased understanding of how diet influences health at molecular and population levels, the development of nutritional strategies, informing policy, the education of researchers and practitioners, and the distribution of nutrition information to health professionals and public


The vision of the Department of Nutrition is to increase the nutritional and food awareness for the community in Kurdistan Region and the rest of Iraq through better nutritional care for public. It is also aimed to be recognized at national and international levels for the achievements of nutrition science, education, leadership, and research.


  1. Preparing a generation of qualified graduates with high levels of nutritional skills and upgrading the diet and health level in Kurdistan and the rest of Iraq.
  2. Educating the community about healthy food, nutritional care, especial diet, malnutrition diseases and epidemiology through holding local and international conferences, workshops, seminars, and training programs.
  3. Developing the department regionally and globally by conducting outstanding scientific researches.
  4. Emphasize cooperation and partnership with local and regional institutions/ organizations to promote nutritional care and protect public health.
  5. Initiating different activities to improve nutrition knowledge and education throughout the four years of study.

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