Nano-technology research group

The field of nanomaterials research has emerged in the last three decades. It concentrates on the characterization, manipulation, creation and development of materials at nano-meter length scales. Some materials, which are well understood in the bulk phase offer interesting new properties when the size is decreased to the nano-meter length scale. Nanophysics and nanotechnology are interdisciplinary fields involving materials whose components and structures, due to their nanoscale size, have surprising or enhanced properties. The processing and manipulation of such materials on the nanoscale as well as the fabrication of devices with new sustainable approaches are of paramount importance in view of potential technology based on these materials. Today nanotechnology has lots of applications starting from water purification, cleaning up polluting environment, making new energy source,…..etc.

Cihan university founder commissioned us to design the Nanotechnology Research and Application Center, a new instruments and facility devoted to nanotechnology research group. The facility supports research group for investigation and development of different types of nano-materials and its commercial applications. Our research building has been designed to be a place for experiments and   partnerships, where leading scientists from public and private universities, companies can work together in a collaborative works. This mode of institution is new on-campus and will enable the University to recruit and attract the best scientists and good students. Moreover, It can also create a vehicle for  new income streams: patents from new discoveries and licensing it. The nano-research group has a strong collaborations with faculty members in physics, chemistry, engineering, material science, inside and outside the country. The Research topics in this diverse area range from innovative studies of the basic properties of nano-materials systems to the nanofabrication and study of advanced electronic, photovoltaic Materials systems that are currently the focus of substantial research efforts by research groups include: organic semiconductor such as soluble pentacene derivative, 6, 13-bis(triisopropylsilylethynel)(TIPS) pentacene (TIPS-PEN) , P3HT , PCBM and so on…..;. Thin films of  Oxide materials like In2O3 and ZNO , high K dielectrics, and fundamental studies of thin-film growth in the field of Applied electronics employ a wide range of experimental approaches in the study of condensed matter physics and materials science. These include x-ray and electron diffraction, optical spectroscopies, AFM, STM, EFM, SKPM, and Rutherford ion-backscattering spectroscopy, tunneling spectroscopy, scanning probe microscopy, nanostructure transport studies, electron-beam lithography, ion-beam lithography, and ion-beam processing.

Working Team

  • Dr. Isam K. Abdullah
  • Prof. Mustafa Saeed
  • Prof. Salah R. Saeed
  • Dr. Azeez A. Azeez
  • Dr. Samir M. Hamad
  • Dr. Amir A. Ahmed
  • Dr. Muhamed Sabah

Advisory team

  • Prof. J.E Macdonald / UK
  • Prof. Muthana Al-Dahan / USA
  • Prof. Mohammed H Al-Akhras Al- Omari/ Jordan
  • Prof. Marek Szymonski / Poland
  • Dr. Mukhtar Ahmed / Uk