College of Health Technology

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College of Health Technology

The College of Health Technology responds to the growing need for well-educated professionals in the health care field in the region. Educating the next generation of health care providers is a formidable task, given the enormous potential for technology to aid the health care industry. The College of Health Technology is up to the challenge, providing you with the skills you will need to manage and lead in the important and growing convergence of medicine and technology.

Department of Nutrition and Dietetics

The Department of Nutrition and Dietetics addresses these and related issues through our teaching and research programs. The Department offers a Bachelor's degree in Nutrition and Dietetics. The department has highly successful programs in both Nutrition and Food Safety.
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Department of Community Health

The Department of Community Health has a four-year program that awards a B.Sc. in Community Health. The Department aspires to produce professional health care workers who lead the health care system in the country.
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Department of Physiotherapy

The ability to move is as vital as life. Physical Therapy is a health care profession dedicated for the improvement of overall quality of life, prevention of disability and promotion of positive health. The Department offers Bachelor degree of Physiotherapy, the program introduces students into several fundamental areas of knowledge and skill in the physical diagnosis technique. Besides theory, emphasis is laid on practical courses, clinical work, fieldwork, community visits and projects.
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Department of Medical Biochemical Analysis

The Medical Biochemical Analysis Department belongs to the College of Health Technology, Cihan University-Erbil. This department is established in 2019 as a part of health science.
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Meet Our Team

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Ayad Abdullah Rashed


Anas Saadeh Salim Alkhouri


Aram Muhammad Bra


Zainab Anwar Ezzat

Abdulalah Thabit Mohammed

Abdulalah Thabit Mohammed

Head of Department

Fatemeh Tavakkoli


Raad Sabr Rauf


Tanya Salam Salih

Head of Department

Salih Mustafa Salih

Head of Department

Waleed Khalid Ibrahim

Bashdar Abuzed

Bashdar Abuzed Sadee

Amani layth heweed

Amani Layth Hameed


Qais Abdullah Nogaim


Yaseen Mammand Omar Galali

Kareem Fattah Aziz

Kareem Fattah Aziz

Shukir Saleem Hasan Hasan

Shukir Saleem Hasan Hasan

Ameena Sabah Mahmood Juma

Ameena Sabah Mahmood Juma

Doste Rashid Mamand

Doste Rashid Mamand


Sarwan Wasman Hamad

Head of Department

Hamza Kaka Yaseen

Hunar M.Huseen M.Raouf

Hunar M.Huseen M.Raouf


Alyaa Asaad

احمد نشوان الدباغ

Ahmed Nashwan AL-Dabagh

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A Scientific Trip To The Hero Center

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Cihan University Participate In A Conference On Endocrinology, Lipid &Vascular

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