Cihan University Language Centre was established 2011. The Centre supports the teaching and learning of languages throughout the University. The main mission of the language centre is to run the Intensive English Language program for the first year students throughout the university scientific departments as well as, promoting, encouraging and supporting the learning of languages for personal, academic and professional purposes.

Also, the mission of the Intensive English Program is to serve learners of English by offering courses designed to support development of English language skills for academic studies in Kurdistan Region of Iraq.

To achieve our mission, the Language Centre aims to:

  • Support the highest levels of academic achievement by students whose first language is Kurdish, Arabic, etc.
  • Ensure access to outstanding language teaching and support for language learning for all current members of the University.
  • Provide high quality learning resources in multiple media, both physical and virtual, in a wide range of languages.
  • Collaborate and share expertise with other language learning providers within the University and in other organizations nationally and internationally.
  • Promote language learning and access to university language study to students in all university departments.
  • The Language Centre is designated as a central academic services unit of Cihan University.

Programs and Courses

Our language programs and courses combine Grammar, vocabulary building, reading, writing, listening and speaking skills. The courses guarantee that our language learners will receive a high level of personal attention and maximum learning opportunities. The Interactive Teaching Method adopted engages the learners in the learning process so that you learn communication skills and develop confidence quickly.

The communicative approach is the approach being adopted in all the programs and courses of the language centre. This approach is based on the idea that learning language successfully comes through having to communicate real meaning. When learners are involved in real communication, their natural strategies for language acquisition will be used, and this will allow them to learn to use the language.

 Cihan University English Programs and courses include the following features:

  • A communicative approach course books.
  • English learning courseware that develop listening, speaking, reading and pronunciation skills
  • Specialized pronunciation software components for practice of pronunciation, intonation and stress
  • Advanced listening programs that are based on real-life scenarios and university lectures and talks
  • Business English courseware with unique content from current Business English experts
  • Internet research capability for classroom projects and research papers
  • Library of credible online learning courses for professionals from a wide range of industries

Courses Offered

Cihan university language centre has, since its establishment, provided the following courses:
  1. IELTS preparation courses.
  2. TOEFL preparation courses.
  3. General English courses.
  4. ESP courses.
  5. Conversation Courses.
  6. Kurdish Language courses.
  7. Turkish Language Courses.
  8. Arabic Language Courses.
  9. Persian Language Courses.

Global Course Book

Cihan university language centre in cooperation with Stevenson College Edinburgh, now Edinburgh College, has chosen “Global” course book to implement its intensive English courses throughout the University. Global provides a sophisticated, cultured experience for its users – both in content and feel. Critical thinking skills are promoted throughout Global, both in the choice of topics and in the way the material is exploited. Learners are asked to engage with the material at much more than just a superficial ‘language’ level.

Global has a strong emphasis on literary sources, and features a range of well-known classic and contemporary authors. These include Zadie Smith, Nick Hornby, JRR Tolkien, Margaret Atwood, George Orwell and Charles Dickens, amongst many others. Global is a six level course that takes students from Beginner through to Advanced level.

Market Leader Course Book

Market leader is a multilevel business English course for business people and students of business English. The Market Leader Business English series explores topical business issues and builds the professional standard of language needed for communication.  This course book has been selected as a text book for the administrative and financial sciences students. Market Leader 3rd Edition has been completely updated to reflect the fast-changing world of business and brings authentic and authoritative content from the Financial Times and other authentic sources into the business English classroom. The course book includes all new case studies with opinions on DVD-ROM from successful consultants who work in real word of business. The course will develop the communication skills needed to succeed in business and will enlarge students’ knowledge of the business world.

Contact Us

Cihan University- Erbil Language Centre is located at Building No. 1, 3rd Floor, Room No. 129

The Language Centre has many training rooms for Language learning purposes in variant places inside Cihan University Campus such as: Room No. 127, 8011, Techno Park, and many other classrooms in different places.

The Language Centre is directed by Assistant Lecturer: Polla Tahseen Mohammed

For more information, please contact us on the following:


Phone No: 07504729757

Pola Tahseen Mohammad

Pola Tahseen Mohammad

Head of Department

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