The memory of the martyrs of Halabja
Friday 17/3/2017
Honoring Sadullah Parosh
Friday 17/3/2017
Spring the season of planting trees!
Friday 17/3/2017
The participants of human rights training course received certificates
Friday 10/3/2017
Teleseminar From OXFORD University
Wednesday 15/3/2017
A Kurdish State / lost opportunities and the current opportunity
Tuesday 14/3/2017
the power and its role in the interactions of international relations Symposium
Monday 13/3/2017
Symposium in Business Administration Department
Sunday 12/3/2017
Jan, 1
The seventh panel of the establishment of Kurdish country in the academic and peaceful coexistence foreseeable.
Sep, 21
international day of peace
Mar, 26
Book Fair

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