The Registration directorate is responsible for the management and supervision of the operations of the admissions and registration, articulation and assessment services and information Services units within the Registrar’s Office. The department handle multiple responsibilities, solve complex problems and ensure that systems and processes meet service expectations and strategic goals for admissions and registrations.


The goal of the registration department is to provide the service to the students who are continuing to study as well as the graduate students. It also aims at helping students overcome the difficulties they face by providing their needs, primarily through granting them approval letters to support the continuation of the study for those continuing to study and grant the graduates graduation documents within a very short period of time. All this in addition to everything related to their requests to postpone the study of one or more academic year,  postpone the examination to the second trial ,or get a sick leave by sending them to health centers to check their health status.


One of the most important things related to the vision of the registration department is the improvement of services provided to students. It seeks reducing the work effort of the department staff by following the modern methods of documenting and  issuing the results of students of all academic levels. The registration department keeps the student's personal information and telephone numbers in  case they need to contact them. These information are kept in hard copies and electronic format in the database of students. Protection, privacy and confidentiality of students' records  are priorities of the department as the process of documentation is not consistent with the development in this area. This might lead archive damage as we live in countries surrounded by terrorism, sabotage and destruction. Therefore, the collection of information should be accomplished through modern equipment and recent technological procedures.


The department's mission is to provide the service to students once they are enrolled at the university, starting from his/her acceptance until graduation and post graduation. The registration department keeps issuing administrative issues for the student throughout the period of study at the university in coordination with all scientific departments. In addition to continuous updating of data and the academic condition of the students whether continuous in study or failed. In addition to issuing documents for continuation in study and for graduation. The registration department deals with all departments and sections of the university starting from the reception, the scientific and administrative departments, accounting, and ending with the assistants and the respected president of the university.

Registration Hierarchy

The Registration Department consists of:

1. Graduates Division: Graduates are provided with graduation certificates which are issued in three languages, Kurdish, Arabic and English languages. In addition to the documents are granted in Arabic and English and a wall certificate that is in English only.

2. Students Approval Letters Division: Through this division, students, who are continuing in their study, are provided with approval letters addressed to different bodies among which are the health centers.

3. Archive Division: This is where the archive of students is documented and maintained, as each student has a special file containing the related information. This section is responsible for maintaining students files during the period of their study at the university and updates them in terms of variables that occur by university orders issued by the Presidency of the University. The files are kept in a safe place with high confidentiality.

4. Statistical Tables: Statistical tables are prepared and updated continuously to be provided to the Ministry of Higher Education and relevant authorities.

5. Audit Division and the validity of the issuance: This section checks all approval letters and grades documents in terms of student name, department, year of graduation, and level, and concludes with the stamp of the audit in all three languages, as well as the documents that are sent to section to be validated by our university. This division also issues university orders for students and organizes official books to all references.

Contact Us

Address: Erbil – 100 m road – Cihan University Erbil – Building No. 7 – first floor – Registration office.
Jawan Hussien Aljaff Mobile: +964 7503078608, E-mail:
Shawki Rasheed Mohammed Ali Mobile: +964 7506128333
Hozan Ibrahim Ibrahim Ahmad Mobile: +964 7504328456, E-mail:
Dalal Saadi Khalaf Mobile: +964 7803845514
Shna Shahab Hamad Taher Mobile: +964 7504237337
جاوان بةريوبةر بةريوبةرى تومار

Jawan Hussien Aljaff

شوقى رشيد محمد فةرمانبةرى كاركيرى بةريوبةرايةتى تومار

Shawki Rasheed Mohammed Ali

هوزان ابراهيم ابراهيم یاریده‌ده‌رى به‌رێوبه‌ر به‌رێوبه‌رایه‌تى تۆمار

Hozan Ibrahim Ibrahim Ahmad

دلال سعدى خلف فه‌رمانبه‌رى كارگێرى به‌رێوبه‌رایه‌تى تۆمار

Dalal Saadi Khalaf

شنة شهاب حمدطاهر كاك شيدا فةرمانبةرى كاركيرى بةريوبةرايةتى تومار

Shna Shahab Hamad Taher

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