Cihan University-Erbil is committed to support all the academic staff and develop their knowledge and skills. The main purpose of the staff development is to facilitate personal and professional development enabling individuals and groups to achieve their full potential at work. We believe that staff development is a key contributor to the success of individuals and ultimately to the success of the university as a whole.

The access to staff training and development is guaranteed to all academic staff, regardless their gender, nationality and race. There will be equality of access to staff training and development opportunities for all staff.  No member of staff will be treated less favourably than another. Personal merit and performance will determine the Involvement of the staff in training and development.

The Cihan University-Erbil aims to create an environment where staff take shared responsibility for their own individual effectiveness, personal and career development.  All members of staff are required to participate in staff performance reviews, and to make all reasonable efforts to attend training

and staff development as may be identified and agreed from time to time.

The Cihan University-Erbil is committed to the career development of all employees and are therefore willing to meet the costs associated with necessary and identified personal study and training focused on the University requirements.  Expenses incurred attending short term training courses, seminars etc during normal working hours, will be dealt with under our normal expense procedures.

The Cihan University-Erbil considers the financial costs for the study leave of the staff who want to pursue their Ph.D. studies inside Kurdistan or abroad. The staff should meet the University criteria to get the study leave support. Moreover, Cihan University-Erbil is funding the research work of the academic staff.

Each head of department and manager will be responsible for the evaluation of the staff development and training. The evaluation is recorded by the Quality Assurance office via the teacher’s portfolio (PF) and continuous academic development (CAD).  Supervision should be used as an opportunity to review the development and training that has taken place and evaluate how useful it has been, how it has impacted on the individual’s work and how the learning could be shared with the others in the organisation.

There is a professional travel budget, approved by the president, which is used to enhance the individual faculty member's professional development anywhere .