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The Department of Community Healthhas a four-year program that awards a B.Sc. in Community Health. The Department aspires to produce professional health care workers who lead the health care system in the country.


The vision of the Department of Community Health is to be globally recognized for the achievements of in health care, education, leadership, and research. The Department aspires to be a leader in assuring that Kurdistan and Iraq have the best personal health care, environmental health, and population-based preventive services possible.

Job Opportunities

  • Health Advising Community
  • Healthiness Coordinator
  • Health Educator.
  • Health Coach
  • Medicare Analyst
  • Community Health Worker
  • Community Outreach Specialist


The mission of the Department of Community Health is to protect, promote and improve the health of all people in Kurdistan through integrated region, county, and community efforts, in addition to developing professional healthcare workers who promote health and care for the suffering and serve the community. Graduates will also be providers and leaders, with faith and integrity, in the delivery of high quality care within a highly technological and global environment and engage in the scholarship of discipline.


  • Prepare qualified men and women for leadership roles in basic and advanced professional healthcare practice.
  • Serve the community.
  • Promote student-centered learning.
  • Pursue teaching excellence.


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