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College of Dentistry at Cihan University – Erbil established in 2022. This college accepts high school graduates. The duration of study in this college is five years. The college follows the Bologna Process, in which courses are supervised by local and international teachers and staff.


The main mission of our college is to award bachelor's degrees in dental science and oral surgery, therefore we have updated and organized the guidelines within the framework of this academic program to provide information in this science, We have also established a strong relationship with the content of our curricula and scientific research in order to achieve purposeful learning. For this purpose, we will continue to evaluate the curriculum and the results of new scientific research, thus we want to see the mission of our college to serve society through skilled students to build a healthy future for individuals in our society.

Job Opportunities

After successfully completing five years of study and obtaining a bachelor's degree in dental science and oral surgery, graduates can work in:

  • Working as a dentist in clinics, centers and hospitals (public and private).
  • Working as a doctor and member of health organizations (local and international).
  • Working as a researcher in research centers and academic centers.


The view of this college for the future is to support the health system through identifying and treating oral diseases at a high level, as well as attempts to achieve academic assurance on new scientific knowledge and renewal, as well as contact with scientific research. Therefore, the students of this college are encouraged to play an important role in the management of oral and dental services in a professional and high level in order to improve the service of society and population in the Kurdistan Region and Iraq.


The aim of the College of Dentistry is to provide opportunities for students to develop their scientific and academic skills, as well as to become a competent dentist after graduation and completion of their studies successfully This will enable them to play an active role in improving the health sector and serving the community.


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