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Cihan university is a private English-speaking institution, one of the first and finest universities established in Erbil, Kurdistan, Iraq. It was approved by the Kurdish Ministry of Higher Education and Scientific Research in 2006 and operated for the first time in 2007. Spread over 127.000 m2, the university campus consists of newly-built, modern, fully-equipped and spacious complex of buildings which hosts its academic departments, administration offices and student service facilities.
Cihan University offers undergraduate degrees in Law, Business Administration, Accounting & IT, Communication & Engineering, Computer Science, International Relations, Architecture Engineering, Biology, Graphic Design and English.

Quality Assurance of Teaching

The university includes within its body the Division of quality assurance which aims to follow up the implementation of the activities of the university to ensure the quality of education in the university, and thus access to the ultimate goal of preparing graduate who are highly qualified, and be able to keep pace with developments, which makes the graduate desirable by employers in the labor market. Quality Assurance Division at the university is keen on pursuing the teaching process in the university departments in all its details and prepare mechanism and educational orientation programs for teachers and staff through lectures and workshops concerning teaching methods and ways to develop the university professor.
The quality assurance division is also keen on giving guidance to the faculty members to work according to specific mechanisms of action and clear academic programs that include the academic counseling and creating the Course Book, in addition to questionnaires answered by students and conforming with administrative regulations, particularly the academic ones and the list of personnel and student discipline. The division also aims through these activities to the arrival of the university to a high level of academic and technical quality; any create an educational environment so as to bring the University of at a level that it stands on equal footing with international universities.
There is a committee to ensure the quality of education at the university headed by University president and the membership of the head of the
department of Quality Assurance and representatives from the Departments of those who do not have administrative positions and they are entitled to follow and implement a quality education program in their respective departments.

University Study System

Cihan university adopts the two semesters per year system. Each semester is sixteen weeks one for the mid-term exams. The language of teaching in the university is English except the departments of Law and the department of International Relations where Arabic is the language of teaching. The university offers an intensive course in English through a well-developed teaching method.

University Plan

Cihan University has worked hard since its establishment in 2007 to set strategic plans in the fields of education and scientific research to serve the society and to develop it as well as develop the performance. The university has become a place where the students personalities are built in addition to receiving knowledge to prepare them for the coming real life. Development and continuous change have become the only consistent marks in our life.
The main mission of Cihan University in education aims at spreading the informational awareness in Kurdistan and Iraq and providing the youths with everything concerning knowledge and learning to face the contemporary huge development in age of technology. The plans and programs include:
  • Applying the concerned regulations and rules.
  • Activating the system of academic orientation.
  • Following up the graduates by a specialized section, namely (graduates affairs section).
  • Launching new specialized departments due to the needs of the society and the official directorates.
  • Activating the system of the continuous teaching.
  • Encouraging the students to take the responsibility of their study and to continue their learning.
  • Transferring towards the electronic learning.Providing the continuous back up for students.
  • Adopting the academic standards in developing the library and laboratories.
  • Updating the educational programs to match the requirements of labor market.
  • Preparing the infrastructure, the laboratories, and the classrooms to simulate the standards of learning quality assurance.
  • Launching higher education in different specializations.
  • Preparing a suitable environment to organize the scientific conferences and practice cultural, literary, and sports activities.
  • Organizing relations, protocols, and cultural and scientific deals with international universities.
  • Putting research plan for the departments related to the university plan.
  • Publishing a refereed prestigious scientific journal.
  • Holding the annual scientific conferences related to the departments and to the needs of the society and the governmental institutions.
  • Organizing the scientific symposiums and software fairs to maintain academic relations, deepen cooperative concepts, and raise the scientific level in Kurdistan and Iraq.
  • Activating shared research among counterpart departments and colleges providing the tools and instruments.
  • Attracting the local, regional, and international research projects.
  • Supporting and marketing the distinguished researches.
  • Holding courses in computer, accounting, banking, finance, legality, and English.
  • Pushing the governmental institutions to train the students during summer break and through the field trips.

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