College of Administrative and Financial sciences

since 2007

College of Administrative and Financial sciences

The college concerns qualifying human resources in the fields of administrative and financial sciences. The college in collaboration with international universities plans to improve its programs. It contains the best lecturers in the specialities concerned. The college aims at providing its students with the necessary knowledge and skills in the fields of study and connecting the theoretical study with the real life of work. Doing so, the college will meet the needs of the labour market. The teaching methods used are of a high technical quality to achieve the vision and the mission of the college.

Department of Business Administration

Business Administration program at Cihan University is essential for today’s challenging business environment. This program is designed to provide the necessary knowledge and skills to business students including analysis
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Department of Accounting

This department is one of the Main departments of Cihan University-Erbil. Since its foundation in 2007, it has evolved and expanded and now we have more students and faculty members than we had before.
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Department of Banking and Financial Sciences

Bachelor in the finance specialization helps students to acquire the knowledge of financial management, advanced skills in assessing financial risks and rewards, so that you can direct organizations in ways that optimize
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Department of Public Administration

The Department of Public Administration offers a comprehensive study of the relevant aspects of public administration systems. The department course includes the essential requirements that enable students
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Department of Health Administration

Department of health administration is one of the new departments in Cihan University that is concerned in producing staff members specialized in managing the health sector whether public or private.
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