College of Arts and Letters

Since 2008

College of Arts and Letters

The College concerns qualifying the human resources in the fields of language, media, interior design, and translation. The college in collaboration with international universities plans to improve its programs. The college contains the best lecturers in the specialties concerned. The college aims at providing its students with the necessary knowledge and skills in the fields of study and connecting the theoretical study with the real life of work in the courts. Doing so, the college will meet the needs of the labor market. The teaching methods used are of high technical quality to achieve the vision and the mission of the college.

Department of English

The Department of English was founded in 2008 due to the increasing demands of society to have more graduates in the field of English language especially after the fast developments in Kurdistan Region.
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Department of Translation

The Department of Translation in Cihan University is one of the outstanding Departments, for it is the corner stone of the College of Arts and Letters.
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Department of Media

It is an academic department in the College of Arts and Letters- University of Cihan. It aims to teach media and its various arts
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Department of Interior Design

The Interior Design program provides students with broad exposure to aspects of the practice of interior design at the entry level. The program is grounded in research-based
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Sport Department

It aims to teach sport and its various arts as well as to follow-up the latest professional and technical developments in sport sciences in order to graduate a
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News & Activities

Orphans Eid Clothing campaign

Students of the English Department with members of IFMSA-KURDISTAN...

Annual Spring Exhibition For Interior Design – 2018

The department of Interior Design has sponsored and organized...

The Evaluation Of Continuous Academic Development (CAD)

Asst. Lect. Hasan Fahmi Hasan as a coordinator of...

Teaching Assessment Portfolio (TAP) via E-System

The Head of Interior Design Department Asst. Lect. Farhan...

Evaluation of Documentary Film Projects for the fourth stage in the Department of Media

On Wednesday and Thursday, 30-31/5/2018, the documentary film projects...

The Role of Printing Houses in Issuing Kurdish Journals From 1898-1938

Dr. Mohammed Khader Mawloud, Head of the Department of...

The Spiral of Silence Theory

Assistant Lecturer Omar Hassan Fahmi  from the Department of...

The Uses of Media in Airplanes

Dr. Mohammed Khader Mawloud, Head of the Department of...

Electronic Advertisements and Their Impact on the Consumer’s Buying Desire

Assistant Lecturer Abeer Mahmoud Jabar  from the Department of...

Scout Camp

Scout camp for the first stage students    ...