Vice-President’s Message on the New Year

Vice-President's Greetings to University and Staff on the New Year

Dr. Isam Abdullah

Vice-president for scientific affairs

Cihan University –Erbil



Dec 24, 2018

Dear Cihan University Family,

The new year 2019 concludes 2018 and marks an update starting point and open a new chapter. On this occasion, I take a great pleasure in providing an exceptional greeting and convey my best wishes and sincere thanks to all of you as we together covered an eventful 2018 and move our momentum into the next calendar year.

The new year is a time to celebrate and recommit ourselves to love, peace, friendship, solidarity, and forgiveness. As you engage to this soul, you will boost the lives of many people and spread the spirit of tolerance in our community. We are defied to love unconditionally and forgive quickly…Always remember the ideals that this country, history, and culture represents.

While you are getting ready to celebrate Christmas and the New Year, I would like to share with you some of the events that have been happening in 2018. The last 12 months witnessed interesting accomplishments and changes. As we reflect on the past year, I trust that we have lots of motives to have huge celebrity in our achievements and look forward with zeal to next year.

Just a few outstanding examples, Cihan university (CU) held two groups of international conferences. Last September, elite of international academic staff arrived our university campus for cooperation in teaching and research.

Cihan University - Erbil was selected among the first class of national university ranking which accredited by ministry of higher education and scientific research. Furthermore, MOUs were signed or renewed with the majority of national and many international institutions. Likewise, last year we saw many instances of our university's outstanding quality research reputation. The three most recent freshman research groups in Nano-technology, environmental studies, computer science and communication at the CU were figured out to innovate research in science and technology. As an example, nanotechnology research group alone submitted 17 articles to international journals with high impact factor.

Cihan University – Erbil has recorded dramatic increase of international students declaring international appeal of our university campus. Our campus has also continued evolving to meet the demands of a growing, changing community of students, faculty and staff. We are now in the process of securing funding for new buildings, halls, and rooms in meeting our needs for classroom, office and laboratory space. But we are determined to provide the quality environment deserved by our faculty and students.

Outside the classroom, our cultural center, football team, Cihan radio and TV have an essential role in educational reform which undoubtedly provide the foundation for our future educational potential. And there are more than enough to justify enormous optimism as we move forward. Our university-and all of you-part of it-will continue us proud in 2019. We will continue actively to execute a programme of Comprehensive Education Reform CER to shape our own future and figure out nice hopes for coming generations.

As we come to the end, again I wish you all more progress as we approaching to confirm the second part of university strategic plan that take us beyond 2018.

Thanks for being part of Cihan university and thank you to make the past year so memorable.

Merry Christmas and a healthy, fruitful, flowered new year   


Isam K. Abdullah

Vice president